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Winter Trend: Burgundy

The frigid cold has arrived, and I need as much help as possible to get me through these dark winter days. Aside from wearing multiple layers, I am also counting on my warm and cozy friend: burgundy. Burgundy is a blend of red and blue hues with a touch of purple thrown in, making it a color that everyone looks great in because it compliments all skin types. Even though it’s a darker shade, it gives you an unexpected pop of color – perfect to get you through the winter. I find that most men who wear burgundy incorporate this color into a top, but I want to share three other powerful ways to make this an even bigger part of your winter wardrobe. Pants: Burgundy may not be the most conventional color for pants, but it’s one that opens up your wardrobe to a realm of possibilities. I love buying a piece of clothing that can be worn dozens of different ways because you truly get more bang for your buck. Burgundy pants can …

Jacket Versatility  

The temperatures have officially dropped which means it’s time to layer on jackets for the next four to five months. I get bored wearing the same jacket everyday, so over the years my collection has grown (perhaps a little too much for my NYC apartment). There are so many looks you can achieve with different styles of jackets. Even a slightly lighter coat in your collection can be used if you are appropriately layered, so don’t be too quick to write off a favorite jacket of yours this season. Below are a few of my favorite styles that I recommend to spice up your wardrobe. 1. Down Jacket For the coldest days, a down jacket can really help keep you warm. They don’t have to be big and puffy to be warm. Many companies are now making them fashion-forward. Canada Goose is my go-to jacket when it’s super cold. I know, they’re pretty expensive, but if you invest in one, you really could keep it forever. I used mine maybe 65% of time in the …


Wearing one color is a surprisingly easy way to make a statement. Monochromatic dressing is creating an overall tonal look by wearing similar shades of a single color. You might be thinking that you have no idea where to begin when it comes to exploring this style, but the easiest way to start is by throwing the same colors of different articles of clothing onto your bed (pants, sweaters, cardigans, tee’s, etc). To successfully pull off this look, you want to find different textures of clothing to pair together. This will give your outfit a modern feel and add a layer of depth – important so that your outfit doesn’t feel dull.For example, I paired a woven stitched Varsity Jacket with a speckled Henley to add contrast to the hues of blue. You’ll notice that my jacket has a pop of light grey, a strategic decision in pulling together this look. I advise that when dressing monochromatic, always incorporate a pop of a lighter or darker color (the opposite to the shade you built your …

Beat the Bulk

Chilly days don’t mean you have to compromise your style. Some days I’m simply fed up with wearing oversized jackets to shield off the cold. A thinner coat can be worn if properly layered for the weather. Cable knit sweaters, meant for staying warm, are great layering pieces and break up the standard button-down shirt and tie look. Cream is a color that looks clean, classy, and professional and creates a neutral palette that allows you to use what I like to call a “pop of pattern,” like a scarf, as your accent piece.To instantly dress up your look, choose a scarf made from silk and throw on a pair of leather gloves. The blazer cut of this jacket pulls the entire look together and looks great worn both inside and outside. Instead of letting winter win, keep finding inventive ways to show off your style while eliminating some of the bulk from your wardrobe. 

Bundle Up

It’s so hard to find a coat that serves the dual purpose of keeping you warm while enhancing your outfit (instead of covering it up), so when I find one I love, I jump at the opportunity to add it to my collection. This quilted navy coat from Frank Stella is custom tailored from Italy. While many coats are oversized and baggy, this fit leaves the perfect amount of room underneath it for your winter sweaters while still fitting snuggly around them. I love that the coat is water resistant because when caught in a random New York City shower, which happens more often than I would like, I don’t walk home feeling drenched. My favorite part of this piece is the suede detailing on the shoulder and elbows, giving a blazer-feel to the jacket.   The best part? It originally retails for $595.00 but if you use code DIDARIO, you will get 50% off and can grab this coat for your collection for $297! Shop the coat here. Stay warm out there!???