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Easing Into Fall

The weather is playing tricks on us, again! One day you’re mad that you aren’t wearing enough layers, while the next day you’re trying to peel the skin off your body because it’s randomly and overwhelmingly hot. Until we are a few weeks into autumn, figuring out what to wear each day is a mission. Here are my four tips to starting off the fall season with style and comfort in mind, so that you’re ready to tackle whatever Mother Nature throws your way. 1. Fabric Matters You can never go wrong wearing a sport jacket. If you’re not required to wear a suit for work, make sure to stock up on a few sport jackets that are made of a lighter fabric. Keep the wool away until the temperatures really drop. I like to use a sport coat also as a jacket when there are warm days and cool nights because it is one less piece of clothing to worry about during temperamental weather. It’s as I like to call it, a two-for-one piece. …

Dressing For Outdoor Events 

It is the season of outdoor events and many guys wonder how to keep their style fresh while also looking appropriate for their outings. Below are some of my tips to keep you feeling confident in the choices you are making with your spring fashion.Go Bright: It’s not everyday that you can wear a pastel green or pink article of clothing. For these types of events, it is all about making a statement. While the ladies have fun experimenting with big hats, the gentlemen can have their own fun playing with color. My general rule is only choose one core item that has a color pop (unless you are doing a full suit). For example, if you are wearing a bright baby blue blazer, pair it with white or tan tailored pants or shorts. Don’t forget about the footwear – your shoes can also have a pop of color that compliments your top!Find A Perfectly Tailored Shirt: Whether you are wearing a preppy polo or a crisp button down shirt, the fit can make or …

‘Tis The Season For Flannels

Textured sweaters and flannel shirts are two items, that when paired together, create a perfectly cozy winter look. While there are many ways to wear a flannel (un-buttoned with a v-neck tee, under a puffer vest, wrapped around your waist, etc), one of my favorite ways is dressing up the shirt by using it as a layering piece underneath a fitted sweater.For this look, I paired a burgundy and green flannel (perfect for the holiday season) with a speckled charcoal sweater and dark denim. When I use a v-neck sweater as a layering piece, I generally like to make sure the fabric is thin to create a fitted silhouette. This also allows pops of detail from your inside layering piece to show in areas such as your wrists (perfect for cuffing) and torso. Throw your favorite brown leather boots on to polish off the look and you are ready to hit all of your parties this season! Get the look: Shirt  Sweater  Denim 

Your Not-So-Average Suit

It’s event season in New York City and I am always looking for fresh new ways to wear a suit.When it comes to suiting, sometimes going away from what’s traditional creates a more memorable statement. We all have the standard navy, grey and black suits hanging in our closet, but why not mix the staples up with a variation of color?This dusty blue slim suit from Bar III immediately caught my eye. It’s a color that can be worn year-round and because the color leaves such a bold impression, you can decide whether or not to wear a tie (depending on the type of event of course). The price of this suit is just under $300 which is a phenomenal deal for the quality and construction of the pants and jacket. If I buy an off-the-rack suit, I always make sure to get it tailored to polish off the fit, but this is a suit that won’t need much work. Both maroon and sky blues have been my go-to colors for suits this fall, and …

Beat the Bulk

Chilly days don’t mean you have to compromise your style. Some days I’m simply fed up with wearing oversized jackets to shield off the cold. A thinner coat can be worn if properly layered for the weather. Cable knit sweaters, meant for staying warm, are great layering pieces and break up the standard button-down shirt and tie look. Cream is a color that looks clean, classy, and professional and creates a neutral palette that allows you to use what I like to call a “pop of pattern,” like a scarf, as your accent piece.To instantly dress up your look, choose a scarf made from silk and throw on a pair of leather gloves. The blazer cut of this jacket pulls the entire look together and looks great worn both inside and outside. Instead of letting winter win, keep finding inventive ways to show off your style while eliminating some of the bulk from your wardrobe. 

Cardigan Season 

Cardigans should be a core item in your wardrobe this winter. When selecting an outfit for work, a dinner party, or even a night out with friends, instead of just putting on your fourth buffalo checkered woven for the week, throw on a cardigan to show that you put in that extra bit of thought to your outfit.  A fitted, open cardigan is a cozy winter piece that when left unbuttoned, can highlight the silouette of your torso and add dimension to your outfit. Pair it with denim for a stylist and versatile look and remember, what is great about cardigans is that you can simply just throw them on as an extra piece and you will come out looking as though you put a lot of thought into your look! Some of my favorite cardigans in my collection come from J-Crew. Shop them here. 

How to dress a hoodie

Sometimes its one of those days where it is just necessary to grab your favorite hoodie from your closet. Especially on the weekend when you are doing your errands and you want to be comfortable. Choosing comfort doesn’t mean having to sacrifice your style. Check out my 5 Tips on…  HOW TO DRESS A HOODIE: 5. Choose a slim fitting hoodie. Too much fabric will cause material to bunch at the stomach, creating an unflattering silhouette around your waistline.  4. Realize the importance of the actual hood. A two-toned hood adds an extra layer of fabric, giving the hoodie a more customized and fashion forward feel. 3. Leave the crazy patterns and graphic stylized writing off the hoodies. A solid color is cleaner and gives the illusion of wearing a more sweater-like top. 2. Pair your hoodie with dark denim. Black denim, like the ones in the above photo instantly make you look dressier. I also threw on my black combat boots and tucked my jeans into them, adding a touch of edginess to the …

Varsity Vintage Throwback

It’s the time of year where you can get away with wearing multiple layers without hiding them underneath a big jacket. One of my favorite ways to pull this look off is by building an outfit around a Varsity Jacket. I saw this deep maroon fleece jacket and was instantly drawn to it, as this has been a go-to color of mine over the last few weeks. The varsity jacket is a piece that never goes out of style and is in high demand this fall. The contrasting colors and details around the cuffs and neck give the coat a sporty feel while still paying tribute to the vintage style of the coat. I paired this with a grey fitted baseball tee to make the jacket pop even more and threw on my favorite pair of destructed denim and boots. Remember to play around with layering this fall and experiment with your looks. You can make the same shirt that you have worn 10 times already look completely new when paired with different pieces in your …

Varsity Jacket

Looking outside this morning, the dark city sky and misty rain made it unappealing to leave our cozy apartment. However, weekends don’t roll around nearly enough so it was time to take advantage of the day. I decided to throw on this varsity jacket from Zara which happens to be one of my favorite pieces of outerwear because I love the vintage throwback feel to it. I paired the coat with a very simple, white, thinly striped tee from Alternative Apparel because the focal point of the look is the statement jacket. A colorful or boldly patterned tee would detract from the coat and look a bit too “busy.” Brown chinos were the perfect pant to throw with the outfit to contrast with the denim jacket. I also have to admit, I am a sucker for a good beanie. The one I am wearing is completely old school, from my high school days when I worked at Abercrombie but has been very good to me over the years. ? I love throwing beanies on all …

Key Item: Blazer

 Zara is my go-to spot for blazers. They have a variety of different colors and they fit like a glove. So many jackets are boxy or too wide in all the wrong places, but Zara tailors their pieces to fit nicely on the body. I am a huge fan of blazers because they are the perfect day-to-night piece that you can throw over tee-shirts, wovens, sweaters…basically anything and it will look like you put a lot of thought into your look. Lately I am really into pairing it with a henley or tee. Add a pair of chinos to the mix and you are ready for whatever the day and night may bring (high five)