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Maui Jim: A Taste of Hawaii

It’s no secret that I have a deep connection to Hawaii; so much so that I travel to Maui and Kauai every winter. If I can’t be in Hawaii everyday (one can dream), then I at least want to feel as close to the islands as possible. That’s one of the many reasons why I love the sunglass brand, Maui Jim. The company started in Maui’s Lahaina area with the mission to create lenses that prevent harmful UV rays from hitting your eyes while also capturing the vibrant colors of Hawaii. They believe that it’s not about where you are; its about the magic that happens when you slip on a pair of Maui Jim’s and experience that the view is truly better behind their lenses – and they live up to their mission. With more than 125 styles of polarized glasses that protect against UVB and UVA rays, there is something for everyone to choose from with this fashion-forward brand.I was immediately drawn to the colorful Wakea model. The frame is frosted crystal, a …

Patriotic Prep

I recently partnered with the online boutique store for the launch of their new men’s category. sells everything from gadgets, to clothing, to home décor and more and offers 200+ new deals everyday at prices you can’t find in traditional stores – up to 80% off. As someone who is always looking for the best deal, this is music to my ears! They carry sporty, urban and classic styles so there is something for everyone. This is how it works: each deal on their site runs for 72 hours (unless the item is sold out). After 72 hours, the site runs a new deal. You could get lost on their site for hours by the time you check out all the different categories!I saw this “Stars and Stripes” tee and had to snatch it up with the Fourth of July in mind. I paired it with dark denim that I also found on the site and, within seconds, I created an outfit festive enough for the upcoming holiday. It’s hard for me to find …


Wearing one color is a surprisingly easy way to make a statement. Monochromatic dressing is creating an overall tonal look by wearing similar shades of a single color. You might be thinking that you have no idea where to begin when it comes to exploring this style, but the easiest way to start is by throwing the same colors of different articles of clothing onto your bed (pants, sweaters, cardigans, tee’s, etc). To successfully pull off this look, you want to find different textures of clothing to pair together. This will give your outfit a modern feel and add a layer of depth – important so that your outfit doesn’t feel dull.For example, I paired a woven stitched Varsity Jacket with a speckled Henley to add contrast to the hues of blue. You’ll notice that my jacket has a pop of light grey, a strategic decision in pulling together this look. I advise that when dressing monochromatic, always incorporate a pop of a lighter or darker color (the opposite to the shade you built your …

The Tommy DiDario Collection

When luxury tie company David Fin asked me to collaborate on a collection, I jumped at the opportunity. Ties are an article of clothing that everyone needs. Whether it’s to wear at work, a special occasion or an evening out, having nice ties in your closet is a necessity. What I love about David Fin is that the fabrics are sourced from Como, Italy, but the ties are handmade in New York City. The same quality of fabrics from the same mills as fellow high end designers are used in the creation of these pieces, but are one third of the price. My collection was created for the fashion-forward guy who isn’t afraid to take a risk. Meet my designs below: The Urban Gentleman: Designed for the working professional who likes to leave a lasting impression, this handcrafted-in-NYC tie is a trendy way to dress up your suit. The Life Of The Party: Give people something to talk about at the next party you are at with this reversible tie.The Winter Chill: Embrace the chilly …

Brathwait Watches

You can never have enough watches, but they don’t always have to cost an arm and a leg. Brathwait sent me this classic slim wrist watch. It’s made with high quality materials (the same ones used by high-end designer brands), but they cost a fraction of the price. While I love a thick (sometimes oversized) statement watch, I also have a slimmer collection to pair with my suits and sport jackets for upscale events. The clean, white face of this watch accented by rose gold details and an Italian leather strap gives it a timeless and classic look. You can get the watch here (originally $185)  but with code Tommy15 you can take 15% off and free shipping! 

Cardigan Season 

Cardigans should be a core item in your wardrobe this winter. When selecting an outfit for work, a dinner party, or even a night out with friends, instead of just putting on your fourth buffalo checkered woven for the week, throw on a cardigan to show that you put in that extra bit of thought to your outfit.  A fitted, open cardigan is a cozy winter piece that when left unbuttoned, can highlight the silouette of your torso and add dimension to your outfit. Pair it with denim for a stylist and versatile look and remember, what is great about cardigans is that you can simply just throw them on as an extra piece and you will come out looking as though you put a lot of thought into your look! Some of my favorite cardigans in my collection come from J-Crew. Shop them here. 

How to dress a hoodie

Sometimes its one of those days where it is just necessary to grab your favorite hoodie from your closet. Especially on the weekend when you are doing your errands and you want to be comfortable. Choosing comfort doesn’t mean having to sacrifice your style. Check out my 5 Tips on…  HOW TO DRESS A HOODIE: 5. Choose a slim fitting hoodie. Too much fabric will cause material to bunch at the stomach, creating an unflattering silhouette around your waistline.  4. Realize the importance of the actual hood. A two-toned hood adds an extra layer of fabric, giving the hoodie a more customized and fashion forward feel. 3. Leave the crazy patterns and graphic stylized writing off the hoodies. A solid color is cleaner and gives the illusion of wearing a more sweater-like top. 2. Pair your hoodie with dark denim. Black denim, like the ones in the above photo instantly make you look dressier. I also threw on my black combat boots and tucked my jeans into them, adding a touch of edginess to the …

Sweater Weather 

One of my wardrobe essentials for the fall is the v-neck sweater. A fitted v-neck sweater naturally frames both your collar area and face, accentuating and nicely shaping your upper body. You can choose to dress it up by throwing a button-down underneath, or wear the sweater alone creating a more casual option, perfect for a day-to-night transition. The dark maroon color of the shirt gives a cozy, seasonal feel and the brown boots add to the rustic look of the outfit. The sweater is a cotton/cashmere blend which feels smooth against the body, an important factor when buying a fitted sweater. My more bulky sweaters that I bring out in the colder winter months are wool based because the fabric isn’t hugging the body as tightly, thus not leaving your skin feeling itchy and uncomfortable. Stick to cashmere, cotton or a blend for your fitted sweaters so that you can look sharp while also looking comfortable.??   

Go Bold

For today’s look I paired brown chinos with a bold striped tee. For meeting with clients in the summer, I try to keep as cool as possible (to fight off the NYC stagnant air) while also looking put together and polished. This tee is one of my favorites because it has a summery feel to it with the pops of bright colors, and also has a tailored fit which always makes your look even crisper. Since the shirt (which is from Urban Outfitters) is boldly patterned, I chose a subtle sand-brown chino to pair with it. Throw on your favorite pair of sunglasses and you are ready for your day. ???