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Patriotic Prep

I recently partnered with the online boutique store for the launch of their new men’s category. sells everything from gadgets, to clothing, to home décor and more and offers 200+ new deals everyday at prices you can’t find in traditional stores – up to 80% off. As someone who is always looking for the best deal, this is music to my ears! They carry sporty, urban and classic styles so there is something for everyone. This is how it works: each deal on their site runs for 72 hours (unless the item is sold out). After 72 hours, the site runs a new deal. You could get lost on their site for hours by the time you check out all the different categories!I saw this “Stars and Stripes” tee and had to snatch it up with the Fourth of July in mind. I paired it with dark denim that I also found on the site and, within seconds, I created an outfit festive enough for the upcoming holiday. It’s hard for me to find …

The Piece That Keeps On Giving

Every man should own at least one cardigan. They can make an outfit look new, simply by throwing it over any woven, flannel or v-neck in your wardrobe. Cardigans are practical items to own because they are pieces that can be worn three out of four seasons: fall, winter and spring. Whether you are going for a more professional look, pairing it with a crisp button-down, tie and slacks for a corporate-feel, or a more casual look, throwing it over a flannel or tee, this piece can be used to achieve any style.This is one item where the fit makes a drastic difference. If you buy a cardigan too large, it can make you appear heavier than you are, creating excess fabric around your waistline. If you buy a cardigan that is too tight, you can appear like your circulation is being cut off and the layers underneath your sweater will wrinkle. I aways say there is a fine line between fitted and too small, and you want to be sure to remain in the …

Bring the closet to you 

I’m always on the hunt for a great pair of jeans. It’s tough to shop for because every brand has a different cut and without trying the jeans on before buying them, it’s hard to guess if the size and fit will be right for your body type. That’s why I was thrilled to try jeans from company Mott & Bow!They created a free home try-on program to bring the dressing room to you (think Warby Parker, but for jeans)! If you are unsure between two different sizes (which I always am when denim shopping), they will send you two pairs of jeans and you can return one back to the company for free with a prepaid label. The convenience alone is a reason to shop there, but these jeans are also super comfortable and priced at a reasonable $96. ?? Shop the look here!