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Popular Instagram account @Cereal.Entrepreneur profiles entrepreneurs and just this week, they asked me for my thoughts. I wanted to share that here with you. It all began in the spring of 2015. After running the social media at Aéropostale for a few years, I realized that the structure of corporate America is not right for me. I’m a very creative person involved in a few different industries, so it was difficult for me to be working at a desk nine hours a day. I was missing out on other opportunities that meant just as much to me, and began feeling creatively stifled dealing with the usual infrastructure of a corporate environment. I decided to leave the corporate world and open DiDario Consulting Inc., a social media, marketing and branding company. I work with a range of clients in the fashion, restaurant, beauty and beverage industries doing everything and anything to build their brand. Some examples of what I do for my clients: photo and video shoots, running their social media channels, securing mentions in magazines, …

The Beach Life

   The beach is one place where I have always felt completely calm. Living in busy New York, it’s important to sneak out of the city and find some zen. Spending the Fourth of July with loved ones down at my family’s shore house was the perfect way to ring in the holiday. Here is one final look to ring in the tail end of a fantastic trip. Check back later for a post capturing the entire weekend later, much love 👊🏻