About Tommy

Tommy is a lifestyle writer, covering topics like men’s fashion, grooming, travel, health and fitness and works with some of the biggest global brands. He works with GQ as one of the magazine’s exclusive GQ Insiders and is a health contributor for Sunwarrior. Tommy does hosting and speaking engagements related to health, fashion and wellness at different events throughout the country. DiDario is an advocate for acceptance and love, often partnering with LGBTQ organizations as a voice for equality. He currently reaches more than 1 million people monthly across his social media platforms. Tommy also is the CEO of a self-owned marketing & branding consulting company, working with a range of clients in the fashion, wellness, beverage, restaurant and beauty industries. He was born in New Jersey but lives in New York City.

Recent News:
– Designed a six-piece tie collection with David Fin Ties, a luxury neckwear company.

– Hosting Broadway Sings For Pride 2017