Month: July 2016

Ruth Coker Burks: The Cemetery Angel

I had the honor of talking with Ruth Coker Burks, a truly inspirational woman. During the outbreak of the AIDS epidemic, at a time when people knew very little about this deadly disease, Ruth took it upon herself to care for nearly 1,000 patients who had no one to turn to. Feeling abandoned, alone and scared was unacceptable to Ruth when she learned that so many dying patients needed help. Listen to the story of an incredible woman who didn’t give into fear, and became a mother to so many sick patients who so desperately needed one on my new YouTube here. 

Chambray and Pops Of Color

Chambray is one of my favorite fabrics to wear in the summer. It’s lightweight, soft, and a bit more casual than the wovens you wear to work. I paired my chambray shirt with a cotton v-neck tee for a casual feel. Instead of wearing dark denim with this (which usually I’ll do when going for a more rugged look), I chose a rose-pink pair of chinos.Summer is about experimenting with bright color palettes. Living in New York City, there is a small window of time to do so, so I try to take full advantage of the warmer months. I have to admit, when I bought my first pair of bright pants (which happened to be these pink ones), I felt a little self-conscious putting them on and going out in public. I soon realized that in a sea of dark denim, I felt pretty damn good taking a risk. When a buttoned-up Wall Street guy complimented my “chill pants” the first day I wore them, it made me realize that perhaps more people want …

#WorldNeedsMoreLove Challenge

In a world with so much heaviness and hatred, I want to encourage you to hold onto hope and do your part to spread love in whatever way you can. I decided to create a campaign initiative to do just that.​ Ready for the #WorldNeedsMoreLove challenge? 1. Write the name of anyone (friend, family, acquaintance) down on a piece of paper & say something kind about them 2. Snap a selfie holding the piece of paper 3. Post with the caption “I join the #WorldNeedsMoreLove challenge” on your social media platforms like Instagram or Facebook & tag 3 friends to challenge them to join the movement too!❤️ Watch my video message here. 

Benefits Of Turmeric

I cook with this bright yellow spice as much as possible. Throw it in your omelettes, on top of your fish, or in your stir frys to reap the many benefits of this spice for your health.  The top six reasons why you should add turmeric to your diet are below:  1. Cancer preventative 2. Immune booster  3. Anti inflammatory  4. Improves digestion 5. Helps clear skin conditions 6. Lowers cholesterol + several other benefits.  Welcome to the world of turmeric. ? 

GQ x Lands’ End

Last week, I teamed up with GQ and Lands’ End to try out the new, “Canvas by Lands’ End.” The American-designed collection is youthful and modern for both men and women.I met the other nine GQ Insiders at the Skyport Marina to catch a Blade (the new “Uber for Helicopters”) to Montauk, New York. Being able to see Manhattan from above was truly a special experience. Forty-five minutes later we arrived in the Hamptons and headed straight to Gurney’s Montauk Resort and Spa for our fittings with the Lands’ End team. I chose green, sea-foam swim trunks and a full-body wet suit to wear before heading to Ditch Plains Beach: it was surfing time.I always wanted to give surfing a try, so I was excited (and a little nervous) as I stepped into my surf lesson. I’ll admit – it didn’t help that two days prior to hitting the waves I saw “The Shallows,” a film centered around a shark attack just 200 yards from shore, but I was determined to successfully surf. After a …