Month: February 2016

Beat the Bulk

Chilly days don’t mean you have to compromise your style. Some days I’m simply fed up with wearing oversized jackets to shield off the cold. A thinner coat can be worn if properly layered for the weather. Cable knit sweaters, meant for staying warm, are great layering pieces and break up the standard button-down shirt and tie look. Cream is a color that looks clean, classy, and professional and creates a neutral palette that allows you to use what I like to call a “pop of pattern,” like a scarf, as your accent piece.To instantly dress up your look, choose a scarf made from silk and throw on a pair of leather gloves. The blazer cut of this jacket pulls the entire look together and looks great worn both inside and outside. Instead of letting winter win, keep finding inventive ways to show off your style while eliminating some of the bulk from your wardrobe. 

Spotlight on Shearling 

Staying warm today in this Italian coat by Gimo’s, made of wool Elysian cloth with a pure Spanish Shearling collar. Layered underneath is a black turtleneck, a piece often overlooked but perfect for combating cold weather while also adding a more formal touch.    

24 Hours in Vegas 

Las Vegas. I didn’t quite know what to expect while looking out the window high above Sin City. I had never been before, but of course have heard the stories and watched the infamous film “The Hangover.” While I was excited to check out this mysterious and unknown city, I was certain that I would not be waking up in a room next to a tiger, but rather waking up after spending an unforgettable night watching the Jennifer Lopez show, “All I Have” at Planet Hollywood. For my 30th birthday, my incredibly thoughtful fiancé surprised me with a trip to see one of my favorite performers.  We landed in Vegas and checked into the Cosmopolitan Hotel. I was blown away by the room – it was directly above The Fountains of Bellagio and we could watch the show throughout the entire night from our terrace. The room was modern and spacious and the bathroom is designed as an open-concept with views of the fountain.  We then explored the strip and had a bite to eat …

Environmentally Friendly Watches 

Last week, I was invited to a pre-fashion week event at the Citizen Watch store in Times Square. I browsed their latest collection and learned about the mission of this brand: how to create a product that doesn’t pollute the environment. They discovered that tossing out the batteries of watches once they stopped working was polluting landfills at a rapid rate. Their solution? Light. In the late 70’s they pioneered the concept of utilizing light as a main charging source for watches. Light goes through the face of the watch and hits the power cell to give their watches a full charge. Both natural light, and incandescent light work to charge the watch and store energy for up to six months inside of it, ensuring that you will never be caught in a situation where your battery is dead. I love that this company created a product that is environmentally friendly while also being a key player in the fashion industry. Want to win the watch photographed above? I’m ready to give one to one …