Month: January 2016


The first major snowfall has hit New York City! While my fiancé had planned a beautiful birthday celebration for me tonight to ring in my 30th (hold up, I have a few more days in my 20’s still..30 hits hard on January 28th…let’s not rush it ?) we postponed the celebration due to the weather and are now taking full advantage of this snowfall! Playing in the snow, cooking all day, catching up on our SAG screeners and cozying up by the fire are all on the agenda. By fire, I mean these candles from Woodwick Candles which literally are the best thing next to a real fireplace that you can have in a New York City apartment.  Woodwick candles have a natural wooden wick that create the sound of a crackling fire. While the majority of apartments in the city don’t have fireplaces, these make you feel as though you are relaxing next to one while giving off some of the most rich fragrances that completely fill your entire home. I always have a candle …


Finding a case for your iPhone can be challenging. Let’s face it: companies tend to design more cases for girls than guys, so it’s tough finding a case that is protective yet stylish. Keyway Designs is a brand I discovered with some truly unique and handmade cases. They use all natural woods to design their pieces, sourced from all over the world. I have always loved the country-inspired rustic look and when I found this case, I knew it was just what I was looking for: woodsy, masculine and protective while being professional enough for business meetings.  This case is made from Maple, Cherry, Walnut, and Sapele hand-finished woods and has a full wrap-around protective cushion, perfect for people like me who tend to drop their phone regularly! ? The details are impressive, giving it a one-of-a-kind feel. You can find the link to purchase this case here or browse the rest of their unique designs! 

Cardigan Season 

Cardigans should be a core item in your wardrobe this winter. When selecting an outfit for work, a dinner party, or even a night out with friends, instead of just putting on your fourth buffalo checkered woven for the week, throw on a cardigan to show that you put in that extra bit of thought to your outfit.  A fitted, open cardigan is a cozy winter piece that when left unbuttoned, can highlight the silouette of your torso and add dimension to your outfit. Pair it with denim for a stylist and versatile look and remember, what is great about cardigans is that you can simply just throw them on as an extra piece and you will come out looking as though you put a lot of thought into your look! Some of my favorite cardigans in my collection come from J-Crew. Shop them here. 

How to dress a hoodie

Sometimes its one of those days where it is just necessary to grab your favorite hoodie from your closet. Especially on the weekend when you are doing your errands and you want to be comfortable. Choosing comfort doesn’t mean having to sacrifice your style. Check out my 5 Tips on…  HOW TO DRESS A HOODIE: 5. Choose a slim fitting hoodie. Too much fabric will cause material to bunch at the stomach, creating an unflattering silhouette around your waistline.  4. Realize the importance of the actual hood. A two-toned hood adds an extra layer of fabric, giving the hoodie a more customized and fashion forward feel. 3. Leave the crazy patterns and graphic stylized writing off the hoodies. A solid color is cleaner and gives the illusion of wearing a more sweater-like top. 2. Pair your hoodie with dark denim. Black denim, like the ones in the above photo instantly make you look dressier. I also threw on my black combat boots and tucked my jeans into them, adding a touch of edginess to the …