Month: November 2015

Chest Blast

Want to blast your chest? Try the cable cross. It completely stretches your pecs to build deep rooted muscle. The rule with the cable cross is if you keep the pulleys as high as they can go, that works out your upper pecs while positioning the pulleys near the floor and lifting upward will work your lower pecs.  Here’s a great quick chest work out (Perform three sets with 12-15 reps each): Upper Cable Cross Lower Cable Cross Butterfly Machine Barbell Bench Press – Medium Grip Push-Ups With Feet on an Exercise Ball (For this one, do three sets of 25-50 each, depending on your strength).

Bundle Up

It’s so hard to find a coat that serves the dual purpose of keeping you warm while enhancing your outfit (instead of covering it up), so when I find one I love, I jump at the opportunity to add it to my collection. This quilted navy coat from Frank Stella is custom tailored from Italy. While many coats are oversized and baggy, this fit leaves the perfect amount of room underneath it for your winter sweaters while still fitting snuggly around them. I love that the coat is water resistant because when caught in a random New York City shower, which happens more often than I would like, I don’t walk home feeling drenched. My favorite part of this piece is the suede detailing on the shoulder and elbows, giving a blazer-feel to the jacket.   The best part? It originally retails for $595.00 but if you use code DIDARIO, you will get 50% off and can grab this coat for your collection for $297! Shop the coat here. Stay warm out there!??? 

Varsity Vintage Throwback

It’s the time of year where you can get away with wearing multiple layers without hiding them underneath a big jacket. One of my favorite ways to pull this look off is by building an outfit around a Varsity Jacket. I saw this deep maroon fleece jacket and was instantly drawn to it, as this has been a go-to color of mine over the last few weeks. The varsity jacket is a piece that never goes out of style and is in high demand this fall. The contrasting colors and details around the cuffs and neck give the coat a sporty feel while still paying tribute to the vintage style of the coat. I paired this with a grey fitted baseball tee to make the jacket pop even more and threw on my favorite pair of destructed denim and boots. Remember to play around with layering this fall and experiment with your looks. You can make the same shirt that you have worn 10 times already look completely new when paired with different pieces in your …

Sweater Weather 

One of my wardrobe essentials for the fall is the v-neck sweater. A fitted v-neck sweater naturally frames both your collar area and face, accentuating and nicely shaping your upper body. You can choose to dress it up by throwing a button-down underneath, or wear the sweater alone creating a more casual option, perfect for a day-to-night transition. The dark maroon color of the shirt gives a cozy, seasonal feel and the brown boots add to the rustic look of the outfit. The sweater is a cotton/cashmere blend which feels smooth against the body, an important factor when buying a fitted sweater. My more bulky sweaters that I bring out in the colder winter months are wool based because the fabric isn’t hugging the body as tightly, thus not leaving your skin feeling itchy and uncomfortable. Stick to cashmere, cotton or a blend for your fitted sweaters so that you can look sharp while also looking comfortable.??   

Break Out Your Boots 

I love wearing boots during the fall and winter — the seasons to have fun with footwear! I love that you can wear boots in so many different ways. Tuck in your denim loosely into a pair of boots and you have a great look for a night out with friends, or throw on a pair of colored chinos with a woven and roll the pants up once to form a fitted cuff and you have a great dressier option. Boots can be your transitional footwear piece that you can wear with literally anything. One of my favorite pairs of boots this season comes from Florsheim (Find them here) because an Oxford design lends itself to both dressy and casual. The stone wash of the boot gives a rustic feel for the fall and pairs nicely with just about any color pant. I also love the narrow, tailored shape of the boot, as many boots appear clunky. Florsheim carries a variety of boots that are tailored to your foot, which believe it or not, are hard …