Month: August 2015

Lakeside Retreat 

I’ve always believed everyone needs some nature in their lives. I have been drawn to the water since I was a little guy, spending summers down the shore and finding comfort in hearing the crashing of waves. It’s one of those rare moments that you stop and realize how small you really are in comparison to this gigantic planet we live on, and there is something truly mesmerizing about that. While I mainly grew up going down the shore to my family’s house out in New Jersey, I have later in life developed just as much of a love and appreciation for lakeside retreats. My Aunt and Uncle a few years ago bought a vacation house near Lake Joseph and it is one of the most relaxing, stunning, and zen places I have been. Living in New York City, it is essential that us New Yorkers find time to escape the non-stop hustle and constant grind of everyday life and work and retreat to an oasis where you can unplug, spend time with loved ones, and …

Beach DAYS IN C-IN 2 

With so many different types of bathing suits out there, it can be quite confusing to figure out what the best type for your body is. After trying out several brands, fits and styles, I realized that bathing suits such as this one from C-IN2 feel great for me. I prefer a suit that sits above the knee, hitting mid-thigh because they are very light and comfortable to wear. I hate the feeling of a soggy wet bathing suit weighing me down so this length prevents that from happening! Most importantly, most of these trunks don’t have an elastic waist band which I find incredibly suffocating. Instead they come with a flat front which rests comfortably on the waist line. I also love a bright color on the beach as it feels summery and compliment the tan you’ve worked so hard to get.?

East Hampton

 I’ve grown up going down to my family’s beach house summer after summer at the Jersey Shore but today decided to check out the beaches in Manhattan’s backyard: The Hamptons.  East Hampton was stunning. The beaches were miles long full of white powdered sand and the water was crystal clear. The town was full of unique and quaint shops and the restaurants were delicious! For breakfast we stumbled upon this mom and pop restaurant that served the best smoked salmon omelette I have had in my life (and home grown teas…#heaven). After a day soaking in the rays of the sun, we found a great seafood restaurant and maybe loved the coconut shrimp spring rolls so much that two orders were ordered. ? Walking to the second restaurant, we came face to face with a beautiful windmill in original condition from the 1800s. Every piece of the wind mill was hand carved and we climbed the three stories of the old tower to see the architecture of the top. It’s amazing to see how people …

The truth about wovens 

   The last thing you want to be wearing during the summer is an itchy, heavy, stale woven. Furthermore, you don’t always want to tuck in your woven but sometimes you feel forced to because the length of the fabric is too long to leave untucked. That’s why I am in love with this button-down shirt from Frank Stella. The material is cotton so it keeps you cool throughout the steamy summer days. The shirt hits at just the right part of your body, falling a few inches below your waist so that you can still look neat while pulling off a more relaxed look. A lot of people don’t realize that many wovens have a squared bottom, which in my opinion is a disaster. I try to avoid those types of shapes whenever I can because they rarely flatter your body and often make you look boxy and as if your torso disappeared. Instead go for a curved silhouette so that the shirt appears more tailored to your body. I then paired the top …

Abs Part 2

Abs are one of my favorite parts of the body to workout because there are so many different excercises that can be done for them. Here is a quick 15 minute routine focusing on your sides that will leave your abs feeling strong and toned! 50 right-side abs: Lay on your right side with your knees slightly bent in and touch your elbow to your thigh. 50 left-side abs: Lay on your left side with your knees slightly bent in and touch your elbow to thigh. 3 sets of 15 rep side-bends: Grab a weight that you are comfortable using, I use a 45 plate, and stand with your feet hip-wide distance apart. Bend down on your left side bringing the weight to the middle of your leg and stand slowly back up. Repeat 15 times and switch the weight to your right side to work that side out. Take a 30 second break and do two more sets of this. 150 Bicycles: Lay on the ground and bring your legs up in the air, …

the truth about short sleeve button -downs 

I think it is very difficult to find a short sleeve button-down shirt that fits really well. Many are either too baggy in the torso that have extra fabric hanging off the sides or too long and hit the leg at an awkward length. Also many of the designs on these types of shirts look outdated and old. H&M has never failed in producing modern and stylish short sleeve button-downs that fit the body perfectly. Their colors are perfect for the summertime and these types of shirts make great day-to-night transition pieces. For this look, I paired my shirt with a medium wash pair of denim rolled up to the ankle (a cuffed ankle is a great way to wear a dressier shoe in a more seasonally relevant way) to highlight one of my favorite types of shoes: oxfords. These brown suede shoes are the perfect addition to dressing up your look while still maintaining a laid back vibe. I threw on my new pair of mirrored lens Ray Bans as the final touch to …

Hammer Curl

Today’s feature exercise is one of my all-time favorites: the hammer curl.The hammer curl is one of the best exercises to sculpt your biceps, but it also works out your entire arm, from the wrist all the way up to your shoulders. It makes your veins pop and isolates your bicep to really work the muscle. Throw this into your bicep routine and you should see even more results! How To Do: Grab a dumbbell in each hand along the sides of your body with your palms pointed towards your body. Doing my favorite exercise in a quick bicep #workout: hammer curls ?? read more over on the blog now – link in bio! ?#fitness A video posted by Tommy DiDario (@tommydidario) on Aug 5, 2015 at 4:46pm PDT Curl your elbows and raise the dumbbells up, then slowly bring your arms back straight down. Repeat by doing three sets of 15 reps with a 45 second break in between each rep. #you’vegotthis ?

Keeping fresh

I’ve been asked from a few readers about different types of men’s grooming products I use, so today I wanted to share some of the items that make up my daily routine today (this list may change due to my constant experimentation with products). I am obsessed with brushing my teeth. Since I was a little guy, I always made sure to brush throughout the day (sometimes even over brushing because enjoyed doing it so much!) I have tried every single teen whitening toothpaste on the market, but this Colgate Optic White is truly the best. It leaves your breath minty fresh and enhances the whiteness of your teeth in as little as a week! I then use the Listerine Healthy White Vibrant to give my teeth an extra whitening glow. Note that if your teeth are sensitive, only use this toothpaste and mouthwash a few times a week, and switch off with a sensitive brand on the other days. To clean my face, I have been using Proactive since high school. I use it …

camo crush

I can’t get enough of this blue camouflage bathing suit by 2xist! The mid-thigh length of the swim trunk falls at the perfect spot and is equipped with multiple pockets to store all your shells and seaglass in that you find from your walks on the beach. ? Camo also offers the perfect punch to your neutral bathing suit collection and it seems to be a trend season after season that just keeps coming back for more. It’s just the right amount of daring and fashion-forward while still having a familiar appeal. Enjoy the rest of your summer weekends and get in as much beach time as possible! ?? *Buy the bathing suit here on sale now! 

Go Bold

For today’s look I paired brown chinos with a bold striped tee. For meeting with clients in the summer, I try to keep as cool as possible (to fight off the NYC stagnant air) while also looking put together and polished. This tee is one of my favorites because it has a summery feel to it with the pops of bright colors, and also has a tailored fit which always makes your look even crisper. Since the shirt (which is from Urban Outfitters) is boldly patterned, I chose a subtle sand-brown chino to pair with it. Throw on your favorite pair of sunglasses and you are ready for your day. ???