Month: July 2015

Casual in Urban Outfitters

   Some of my favorite tees are from Urban Outfitters. They have a big selection of colors that are perfect for the summertime. Put down the black, grey and white tee’s and throw in a pop of color to switch things up! I paired this light blue gnarled tee with washed (rolled up) denim and vans for a casual yet polished look. This is the perfect look to transition from day to night – check out this style of tee on their website here.🙌🏻  

Switch Up Your Basic Tee

It’s summer and hot hot hot in New York City which means that when I get dressed in the morning, I have one mission in mind: wear something that will keep me cool. But wearing tee after tee everyday can get boring and monotonous so my theory is if you incorporate a few printed tees in your collection, you can pull off wearing the same “type” of clothing because the different prints will leave a more lasting impression. This tee is from NYC-based company Frank Stella Clothiers, located on the Upper West Side. I paired it with a similar color short to keep a monochromatic look and threw in some shades to tackle the city sun! Stay cool out there, but have some fun with your style while doing so.👌🏻

20-Minute Back Build

One of the major reasons why people don’t find the time to work out is because they say that they are simply too busy, but what people don’t realize is that they don’t necessarily need hours a week to have a successful workout. My motto is: break a sweat every day! Here is a quick yet effective way to build your back muscles that I do a few times a week! Note: I use 40 lb. dumbbells, but be sure to use weights that provide a challenging workout without putting too much strain on your muscles. Form is very important on the below! 1. Overhead Press: 3 reps of 15 Stand with your feet firmly placed on the ground, hip-wide distance apart. Keep your elbows squared and in line with your shoulders and slowly lift straight up all the way up and down. 2. Wide Angle Overhead Press: 3 reps of 15 Stand with your feet firmly placed on the ground, hip-wide distance apart. Keep your elbows squared and in line with your shoulders and …

Beach Escape

I have grown up going down to my family’s shore house every Fourth of July and it has become a tradition I look forward to every year. From delicious meals (with some refreshing cocktails, dancing and live music), to jumping on rides at the Seaside Heights Boardwalk, to laying out and finding some time for total r&r on the beach, this will go down as one of the best Fourth of Julys yet. Here are some of my favorite moments from the trip. Much love and hope everyone had an amazing Fourth! 🇺🇸👌🏻                  

The Beach Life

   The beach is one place where I have always felt completely calm. Living in busy New York, it’s important to sneak out of the city and find some zen. Spending the Fourth of July with loved ones down at my family’s shore house was the perfect way to ring in the holiday. Here is one final look to ring in the tail end of a fantastic trip. Check back later for a post capturing the entire weekend later, much love 👊🏻

Day to Night Vibe

   To show off my USA pride, I spent the day wearing this great tank from Urban Outfitters (with of course my usual steamed coconut milk and one scoop matcha powder from Starbucks creation in hand). At night I would ditch the tank for a crisp white Oxford from J-Crew to ring in the 4th of July fireworks. I hope everyone is having a fantastic holiday weekend! 

Fourth of July Looks

Just some patriotic options for the upcoming holiday weekend 🇺🇸 Shirt & Shorts: J-Crew Shirt: H&M • Shorts: J-Crew • Shoes: Vans Jacket: DKNY • Jeans: Aéropostale • Shoes: Vans Enjoy spending time with your family & friends and celebrating the great U. S. A. 👊🏻  

The Perfect Fitting Hoodie

   Who doesn’t love a good hoodie in their wardrobe? I’m guessing almost everyone has a few lying around. Here’s the thing – hoodies often look sloppy or baggy, so I found a company that makes what I believe are the most comfortable and stylish hoodies out there. Alternative Apparel not only has great, fitted pieces that can be layered into your outfits, but they also are an eco-friendly company. Why not wear the perfect fitting hoodie while also giving back to your environment? Check out their website here✌🏻️