Month: July 2015

Key Item: Blazer

 Zara is my go-to spot for blazers. They have a variety of different colors and they fit like a glove. So many jackets are boxy or too wide in all the wrong places, but Zara tailors their pieces to fit nicely on the body. I am a huge fan of blazers because they are the perfect day-to-night piece that you can throw over tee-shirts, wovens, sweaters…basically anything and it will look like you put a lot of thought into your look. Lately I am really into pairing it with a henley or tee. Add a pair of chinos to the mix and you are ready for whatever the day and night may bring (high five)   

Love for NOLA

I finally visited a place I have been dying to check out for years: the beautiful New Orleans. One of my best friends Keri is getting married to an incredibly special person, and we took this weekend to celebrate her before the big day this fall.  The energy of NOLA is electric. Friday night we  started the evening at a traditional southern restaurant, which had their own home-made cucumber infused vodka…it was absolutely delicious! We bounced around town to some great bars with some of the most insanely talented bands and singers I have ever seen in my life. We danced the night away and walked around the famous Bourbon Street enjoying live music all around us. It was really cool to see so many true artists pouring their hearts and souls out into their music – I was in awe of the talent surrounding us!       Saturday we started the day by the hotel pool to soak in some NOLA heat and then checked out an incredible aquarium where we saw sharks, stingrays, …

Coconut Chia Acai Bowl

This is one of my new favorite lunches in NYC! This Coconut Chia Acai Bowl is from Pure Green and contains mango, pineapple, bananas, and coconut water all mixed together. On top sits sliced apples, blueberries, chia, hemp granola and coconut (my favorite).  It’s nice and light so won’t leave you feeling overly stuffed for the second half of your day and is packed with nutritional benefits. Hemp granola is a high protein seed that is easily digestible and packed with vitamin E and nine essential amino acids for your body and acai berries are a powerhouse antioxidant to keep your health in top-notch condition!  If you don’t have a location near where you live, then pick up the ingredients at your local grocery store and make your own version…your tastebuds will be thanking you!

Heat Wave 

With a day full of client meetings, the thought of putting on a crisp button-down or even worse…sport jacket in this extreme heat was unbearable. I opted for a light weight polo paired with stone-wash fitted denim to look business appropriate while also staying cool. Remember, the fit of your clothes helps transform any look into appearing more polished so bag overly loose shirts for a more tapered appearance. Stay cool out there !😎


Sometimes traditional wovens can be…repetitive. We all have the  solid white Oxford shirt (or maybe a few of those in seven other colors) with some plaid shirts thrown in the mix. What I love about this dip-dyed woven is that it adds variety to your collection,  and is a great summer going-out shirt. The struggle can be so real when trying to find something to throw on a weekend night when you want to look nice, but not like you just stepped out of a corporate office. A shirt like this is perfect to look polished and put together while maintaining a relaxed summer feel. 🙌🏻  (*this shirt is from NYC based shop Frank Stella Clothier and is BACK online ! Get it here. It’s the second photo – not the first , use the arrow under it to scroll to the second 👌🏻) 

Unpredictable NYC

For some reason NYC this summer is playing games with us. One day it goes from blue skies and sunny to completely down pouring and you’re stuck twenty minutes from home without an umbrella, drenched. The next day it’s humid and 90 degrees out and your instantly sweating within a two block radius and then some days it feels like a crisp fall morning. For the days when it’s not scorching hot out, a cool Henley is the perfect choice to make. Choose a summer color, roll up the sleeves and you are good to combat whatever weather may come your way🙌🏻  Get the shirt here. 

Pure Green, Pure Obsession

   You guys… I discovered today the best new juice shop in NYC. Pure Green uses the freshest ingredients that are truly natural, and they support local farm communities by buying everything from their neighbors. The machines they use to make the juices are some of the only few on the market that don’t strip the ingredients of the juices while being created, and they are DELICIOUS. Give your body a bath of nutrients and check them out here. ??

Day at the Museum

Sometimes living in NYC, you get caught up in the daily grind and forget to stop and enjoy the incredible city around you. I had been wanting to check out the Museum of Natural History (my favorite museum in New York) so spent the day touring different exhibits. The coolest section of the museum is the dinosaur exhibit where I was able to not only look at real bones and fossils of the reptiles but also touch one – I can now officially say I have touched a real dinosaur!  The forest and marine life sections were also really interesting to see, and fueled my desire to go whale watching even more! It was the perfect day at the museum and after hanging with the dinos all day, I think it’s time to watch Jurrasic World again?   *Wearing the H&M summer line 

The New Suit

 One of my favorite looks is a fitted suit. This sleek suit is from menswear company Frank Stella located on the Upper West Side. I paired it with a pocket square for an extra sharp touch, but then dressed it a bit down with my favorite pair of grey vans. This is the new sporty way to wear a suit which is perfect for the summertime. Throw your work bag over your shoulder and you are set for the day! 🙌🏻   

Go Clean

Here are a few of my favorite food items that get me through each day. I try to live the healthiest life I can, which boils down to eating clean. For over five years I have eliminated red meat, pork and turkey from my diet. I stay away from processed foods and sugary products (such as sodas, artificially sweetened drinks, high fructose corn syrup foods, etc). Instead I eat a diet loaded with fruits, veggies, lean protein (lots of chicken and seafood) and free of dairy (almond milk all the way!)? Each day post workout I have a protein shake made from in my opinion the best plant-based powder out there: Sun Warrior. It’s all natural, vegan, and free of GMO’s and artificial preservatives. I throw in bee pollen, which my best (yogi) friend got me hooked on. Bee pollen is the most natural form of a vitamin for your body. It contains almost every single nutrient required by humans and provides a natural energy booster and natural glow for your skin. Chia seeds are …