Month: June 2015

Core Crunch 

   Get your ab workout on just in time for summer…(but do year-round 3-4 times a week for optimal results!) 50 regular stationary sit ups 50 with legs up in the air, crossed at the ankles  50 with left knee crossed over right knee 50 with right knee crossed over left knee 150 bicycles (touch opposite elbow to opposite knee, and count each touch as “1”) 50 butterflies (legs bent on floor with bottoms of feet touching) 50 with your legs straight out on the floor, touching the ground 50 overhead lifts with lower body on the ground. #you’vegotthis👊🏻

Hanging with FRENDS

The concept of a world without music is unimaginable. It’s safe to say music is my life. I either have headphones over my ears running around the streets of NYC or blasting from my Bluetooth speaker the second I walk into my apartment. These FRENDS headphones are the perfect way to listen to my favorite artists in style. Get yours here.

Back To Basics

  You can never go wrong with a plain white tee and denim. I grew up watching old James Dean & Marlon Brando films who inspired this classic yet clean look. Finish it off with a cool combat boot and you’re ready to take on the day👊🏻              


    I firmly believe you can never go wrong with a Henley. My new favorite brand to fuel my Henley addiction is Mizzen & Main. The soft texture and fitted style of these shirts make them the perfect piece to dress down with shorts or denim or style up with a tailored blazer.  Check out their site here, you’ll thank me later😎